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Your vote can change this city. Your vote can change this country. Your vote can change this world. Between now and election day,

New Life Community Church will be providing you with information to help you make an informed vote in November. Look for

posts and links from New Life Community Church to help you register, detailed voter information for state and national candidates,

and more.

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Be empowered, be the change. Vote on Tuesday, November 3rd

The candidates for president aren’t the only things to vote for during this year’s election. There are many state propositions that

will help determine the direction our state is headed. Continue to follow New Life Community Church in the month of September

as we break down the ten-state propositions and what a yes or no vote really means. 



Need to register to vote?

Need to check your voter registration status? Need to request an absentee ballot? Need to find your polling place? Do it all at or Both sites connect you with It’ll connect you with state and county voter

information. Check them out!



Official Voter Information for Your County

 There is A LOT of great local information to help you vote. Check it out county by county.

Alameda County:

Contra Costa County:

San Francisco County:


Voter Suppression Is Real. Know Your Rights!

Your vote is powerful. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t try to take it from you.


Confirm your registration:

Know your voting rights:


Did you Drop Off Your ballot? Track-It!

You can track your ballot from your drop off spot all the way until it’s counted




If you don’t want to drop your ballot off at the registrar’s office, find a ballot drop box near you.

Alameda County:

Contra Costa County:

San Francisco does not provide this information




 You can drop your ballot off at the Voter Registrar’s Office in each county.

Voter Registrar’s Office addresses are: 


San Francisco

Registrar of Voters

1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Place

City Hall, Room 48

San Francisco, CA 94102-4635

(415) 554-4375

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Contra Costa County County Clerk

Recorder, and Registrar of Voters

555 Escobar Street

Martinez, CA 94553

(925) 335-7800

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Alameda County

Registrar of Voters

1225 Fallon Street, Room G-1

Oakland, CA 94612

(510) 272-6973

Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.




Formerly incarcerated? Not currently on state parole?

Then you can vote! That’s true even if you are on probation, mandatory supervision, post-release community release, or federal

supervised release. Restore your voting rights today! #NLCCVotes

Learn more at!




Confirm your voter status today!

Already registered to vote? Confirm your voter status today and often. Don’t get to your polling place on 11/3 and find out you’ve

been removed from voter rolls. Voter suppression is real! Confirm your voter statue





Did you recently turn 18 years old?

If you turn 18 years old before October 19, 2020, you can vote on November 3rd. Our youth have the power to change the world.

Register to vote right now. Check out or to register online. Make

your voice count! #NLCCVotes



You can still vote if you’re experiencing homelessness. You can register your address as or update your address to a friend’s

address, a shelter, a park, or a street corner. You can then vote at the county courthouse or the neighborhood polling place.

For more information, check out this article:

Register to vote or update your voting address at or #NLCCVotes



You Don’t have to wait in line

#NLCCVotes Don’t want to stand in line on Election Day at your polling place? You don’t have to. California is now a vote-by-mail

state which means every registered voter will be mailed an absentee ballot! 


You can mail it in. USPS recommends mailing it by 10/19/20.

You can drop it off at your polling place or vote in person.

You can drop it off at your county election office or vote in person.

For more information, check out

California 2020 ballot propositions


















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